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Cos'รจ per te la Cultura Digitale?

Gabriella Sannino
Posted @ 2011-03-02 23:28:41
I'm not sure what it is in Italy, but I can speak as an Italian living in the US. The Digital Culture is rooted back to the Industrial Revolution, but for the sake of being brief let me say simply, it's another step on the road to enlightenment. The Digital Culture has opened the world's eyes to technology and reason has stepped in. What reason had to say, however, wasn't awe-inspiring. It was... realistic, it was also capitalistic. Reason, with burgeoning technology twisting its arm, said, "You know, we can make more money if we could figure out how to mass produce stuff." This is enlightenment - a fundamental truth that keeps on giving. Only now, in the Information Age - during the ongoing Digital Revolution - what we mass-produce is information. That is the true evolution of the Digital Culture. The Freedom to Use Reason Ultimately, digital culture, or the Digital Age, is personified by "the freedom to use reason". Here in the 21st century, our biggest commodities are reason and information. Cyberculture and its many facets have been growing since the late 80's. Online entities have value and influence. We live in a world where "influence" isn't based on what you know; on the contrary - influence is defined by things like "followers", "fans" and "klout". This trend has increased exponentially since things like microblogging and Facebook have become household words. Nowadays, you have 4 year olds asking their parents to "Google" something. The world we now live in - our global culture - has evolved into a symbiotic cyborg-type relationship of society and technology. How we use it and evolve still remains anyone's guess...
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